Bolivian Rosewood AK Grip


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Fits both AKM and Yugo pattern guns.

Bolivian Rosewood is known by quite a few different names.  Pau Ferro, Bolivian Rosewood and Morado are the most common.   The wood earned its “Rosewood” nickname because its colors and density are very similar to true Rosewood, which is typically a medium brown color augmented by black streaks, and sometimes even purple, tan and golden secondary hues, and sometimes a purplish tint overall.  It is considered quite a durable species.

  • *Does not come with a grip screw, designed to reuse your existing grip screw.

These are made to order. If you have any specific requests, please send us an email before ordering.

Current lead time is 4-7 weeks from date of order.

Grip Style

Khyber, Bake, TD Style, Hybrid, Izzy